Service College

Over 25 years experience in service.
Products and services with a guaranteed impact.
Trained over 6,000 service professionals and their managers in support offices, in-house or in the field.
Sparring partner for the board and management team on various development and training issues and sustainable behavioural change.
Comprehensive training institute for SMEs and multinationals.
Training at lower costs with great results.
Solid results are leading.

Who are we?

Service College emerged from the success and growth of the service-oriented activities at Van Soest Zuid. A company which has been highly active in results-oriented training and coaching for people and organisations for over eleven years. When the online platform at was launched, the work that Van Soest Zuid was doing for the service sector kicked into high gear. Founding a new organisation was the logical next step: B.V.

Service College is a comprehensive training institute for service professionals, staffed by people with hands-on experience in the service industry. Service College is an authority in sustainable development with solid results.