Service Professional Programme

The consummate service professional makes the most of every visit.

Prices are under pressure. Clients want more for less and continue to place increasingly intense demands on the quality of products and services. Good margins can be difficult to achieve. The service technicians are under major pressure. Their performance in technical solutions, communication and sales can make the difference between a positive or negative result and determine whether you retain a client or not.

The ideal service technician

Today’s service professional is an ingenious amalgamation of the best of many different disciplines. Since these combinations do not come naturally to most people, they will need training in addition to coaching. Training service technicians has a considerable impact on an organisation – operational as well as financial. Taking a service technician out of the operation for a day could easily result in €1,000 in lost turnover for an organisation.

As Service College envisions it, the traditional way of schooling and training is not all that effective. We believe that this traditional approach does not align with the practical aspects of organisations that have technicians in the field. Training technicians more effectively at a lower investment takes a completely different and more integrative approach. Our Service Professional Programmes have been fine-tuned to the current and actual preferences and needs of the client, organisation and service technician.