The programme that was eagerly received by ABN-AMRO, “Take control of my own life”, is now also available at Service College

In a society where “incredibly busy” is the most common answer when people ask how you’re doing, it is clear that gaining and maintaining control over your own life has become more important than ever!

Service College, partnered with Van Soest Zuid, presents the life-changing programme “Take control of my own life".

A programme that is aimed at researching personal behaviour and mastering effective tips to gain control and keep it. The programme answers the following questions:

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1. Am I effective on a personal level?
2. What obstructs me in being effective or growing in that area?
3. What do I need in order to play the starring role in my own film?

The full programme consists of 6 modules, each with its own specific theme. The modules can be followed sequentially or separately. Each module contains an online component and a hands-on practical session consisting of half a day.


Programme overview

Block 1 – Take control of my own life
Inspiring introduction to the programme and yourself.

Block 2 – Turn stress into your friend instead of your enemy!
How can you make stress work for you instead of against you?

Block 3 – Self-reflection
Who am I? What do I really want? and What is holding me back??

Block 4 - Personal effectiveness
Concrete tips for calmly achieving your objectives while retaining an overview..

Block 5 – Effective communication
Express yourself and feel better!

Block 6 – My user manual! 
There is no better tool than self-knowledge. A valuable instrument in taking control of your own life.

What will I gain from this programme?

The programme provides a treasure trove of insights and gives a considerable boost to your personal development. And you can clearly see the difference! At work and in your personal life. The different parts of the programme are practical and experience-oriented; they will get you in contact with who you are, what you want and what you need.

Participants in this programme achieved the following results, among others:

- A more solid handle on all aspects of life.
- Increased productivity at work and more effective teamwork with colleagues.
- Less stress, more unwinding.
- More self-confidence.
- Increased sense of ownership for future career options.

You can sign up for this programme as an individual and as a team/department.

If you’re interested and would you like to know more, please contact Service College.

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